Journalflood Shuttered

I've decided that journalflood is going to have to be put on hold for a while. Some new commitments have made the current workload untenable.

Despite being short and thin a complete journal summary still tended to take a couple of hours, and so to do the project adequately was a good 10+ hour weekly commitment. (To do it well would be closer to 20+.)

Apologies to everyone who has generously directed links here. I'll leave the page up, but there wont be any new content.

I still think the basic concept is sound (broad no-nonsense 'what's out there' summaries rather than detailed selective commentary). However it only really works if pretty much every issue of every social-science journal gets covered.

I'd be very keen on starting up again at some time, with a better layout, and as a broader collaborative effort. This would lessen the workload and greatly improve the quality of the posts. A setup in which a handful of people focus on various 'beats' would be ideal. Blending that with a larger-still pool of writers contributing more detailed but intermittent commentaries would also be interesting. If anyone is interested in working on something like this then get in touch.

Cheers, Rob.